Telesales Expertise

Telesales Expertise in Availability & Seasonality

Our Telesales team pride themselves on having first hand knowledge and experience of our quality fish products. Customers can rely on our telesales team for up to date availability and seasonality information. Working together with the customer, orders can be placed with confidence to ensure optimum fish products are always recommended.


Direct Door to Door 7 Days a Week Logistics

Our dedicated delivery team are on the road 7 days a week, delivering directly from our door to yours, ensuring all our seafood reaches you at it’s freshest and best. We understand the importance of providing you with a delivery service that is responsible, efficient and reliable which is why Morgan’s Fine Fish are renowned for their dependability and promptness. We deliver to hotels, and various businesses and establishments throughout the North East, Dublin, Midlands and South West, providing the finest in fresh Seafood that we are renowned for.

MFF Seafood Academy

The Seafood Academy for Expert Training

The MFF Seafood Academy promotes best practice in the Seafood Sector whether you work in the Retail, Food Service or in the Healthcare sector.  Training at the MFF Seafood Academy provides students from novice level up to highly skilled status further opportunities to up skill and become expert fish-mongers. Critical modules include receipt, storage, hygiene, filleting, key microbiological knowledge, skinning, pin boning, cooking and up-selling.